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When you’re ready to make your maintenance projects easier than ever, Carpet Cleaners Bendigo is here for you.  We are the professional carpet cleaning company that you can trust for all of your carpet and steam cleaning needs, from wall to wall carpeting to rug cleaning and even treating your upholstery. 

Our carpet cleaners are trained in the best products and methods for caring for your surfaces, with high quality reliability that delivers a cleaner room that ever before.  Working with residential and commercial clients alike, our services are the smart choice when it comes to caring for your property.

About Us

At Carpet Cleaners Bendigo we are a local company that offers steam clean and carpet cleaning services that are designed to give your property the deep clean that it deserves.  Using high quality products in combination with state of the art equipment, our eco-friendly cleaning services are great for projects of all sizes.  Whether you’re looking for upholstery cleaning or need a deep carpet cleaning, we have the know-how to get the job done right from the start.  With professionals that know how to treat a variety of items and materials, you can count us for the consistent quality upon which we’ve built our reputation.

    Our Services

    As a local Bendigo business, we offer clients throughout our area the full range of services that they need to keep their homes or businesses cleaner.  Performing residential and commercial carpet cleaning, there are no projects too large or too small for our professionals.  Using state of the art steam cleaning technology, your carpets will not only be cleaner, but be disinfected and free of dirt and odours.  We also provide dry carpet cleaning that is the solution to your dirt and stain problems.  From tile and grout cleaning, to couches and mattresses, we are here to help your floors and furniture look and smell like new again. 

    Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Whether you’re looking for business or house carpet cleaning, we have the services you need to rejuvenate the look and smell of the room.  Using professional steam cleaning equipment, our services not only target odours and stains, but disinfects the surfaces being treated, creating a healthier overall environment.  Providing a deep carpet cleaning that treats the fibres of your carpets and rugs to an intensive cleaning process, your rooms will look and smell better after our services. 

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    As a local company, we understand your business’s needs for commercial carpet cleaning, whether you’re managing a large office or a small retail location.  Using high quality tools and materials to target problem areas, our goal is to help your enterprise look its best for customers and business associates alike.  Creating a cleaner working environment for you and your employees, your property will look great, while providing a healthier environment that increases job satisfaction. 

    I was debating throwing out my mattress when a friend suggested getting it professional cleaned rather than tossing it.  Carpet Cleaners Bendigo got my mattress completely clean, stains, odours and everything, getting it to feel like new again.  I highly recommend them for your mattress cleaning!” – Abby M – Bendigo

    Residential Carpet Cleaning

    Maintaining your home can be a full time job, with things like carpet cleaning rarely getting properly addressed.  Our residential carpet cleaners are here to help you make your home look and feel cleaner with our services that are designed to make your home care easier to manage.  From area rugs to wall to wall carpeting, our team removes stains and odours, creating a cleaner home while helping to reduce conditions like allergies and asthma.

    Carpet Dry Cleaning

    When you need carpet cleaning that is fast and efficient, our carpet dry cleaning is the solution to your problems.  Using a combination of the right products and equipment, our speedy dry cleaning process can be completed in as quickly as a few hours.  With tools that are strong enough to remove stains while maintaining the integrity of your carpet, our professionals are the team you can count on to treat your carpet right from start to finish. 

    We’ve been working with Carpet Cleaners Bendigo for years on our office cleaning, having them come in for regular carpet cleanings to keep our location in top shape.  They’ve also cleaned our couches and other upholstery with great results.  I would recommend their reliable services for any business.” – Aaron L – Castlemaine

    Couch Cleaning

    As professionals in steam cleaning, we also provide the upholstery and couch cleaning that you need to better enjoy the furniture in your home or office.  Using products and equipment that gently remove signs of ageing and well as dirt, debris and odours, your couch will never look better than after one of our treatments.  And with odour combating technology that targets smells from the root rather than masking it with perfumes, you can count on the results of our cleaning to last. 

    Mattress Cleaning

    Every years thousands of mattresses are discarded, and in many cases these mattresses could have been salvaged by a proper cleaning.  With our mattress cleaning services we save you the time and money of investing in a new mattress, providing the stain and odour removal that helps it feel like new again.  Sanitising the mattress while simultaneously improving the health of your sleeping environment, our mission is to give you confidence in the quality of your mattress. 

    Carpet Cleaning Bendigo did all of the carpeting throughout my home, which was a huge project, but they were great to work with.  Our whole home looked and smelled fresher after their cleaning, and we’ve already booked them for next our semi-annual cleaning and have told all of our friends about their great work!” – Louise W – Drummartin

    Call Us Today

    To get started on your cleaner carpets and furniture, give our professionals at Carpet Cleaners Bendigo a call.  We are the experts that you can trust to get your property cleaner, from couch and mattress cleaning, to treating your carpets and rugs.  Providing over the phone estimates for our work, our representatives are here to answer all of your questions about carpet cleaning, including everything from office maintenance to bond cleaning for your rental property. Get in touch with us today and let our professional cleaners show you how our thorough services can make your property cleaner and more comfortable.


    What is the best product for cleaning carpets?

    Cleaning your carpet is a task you cannot avoid. With so many products in the market, it’s hard to find one that works and is safe and easy to use. The list below has our picks for the best carpet cleaner, powder spray, and shampoo.
    It’s a no scrub solution to stains. To use it, just sprinkle, wait 20 minutes then vacuum off.
    Arguably the best spray solution; spray, leave for 10 minutes, and wipe-off with a damp cloth, and you’re done. The downside is it’s not fit for waterproof or flameproof fabrics
    It’s the best eco-friendly cleaner and it works for both machine and manual cleaning. ​
    Is professional carpet cleaning worth it?
    ​Sometimes carpet cleaning is best left to the professionals. Using domestic carpet cleaning practices and reagents do get most of the dirt and stains; it does not get the deeply lodged dirt, or breathe new life into the fibres of your carpet. The equipment, methods, and cleaning reagents the professional carpet cleaners use ensure your carpet is clean, eliminating all stains and odours, and are free of any bacteria or mould. Additionally, professional cleaning resuscitates the fibres and colours of your carpet, extending the life of your carpet, and giving you an affordable alternative to replacing the carpet especially for high foot traffic places like offices and hallways.

    How long will it take to clean my carpets?

    ​On average, a professional carpet cleaner will clean a room in approximately 30 minutes. Excluding physical barriers like stairs and furniture, three factors may extend or shorten the time needed to clean your carpet.


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