Carpet Dry Cleaning

At Carpet Cleaners Bendigo we are the full service carpet care team that is here for all of your carpet cleaning needs.  One of the many services we offer are carpet dry cleaning which offers a faster alternative to steam cleaning options.  Our dry cleaning is a great way to keep your carpet looking refreshed on a regular basis, with fast and reliable work conducted by our carpet technicians.  Including full rooms, rugs and even spot treatments, no matter the size of the project, we have the equipment and knowledge to get your surfaces looking and feeling better with our cleanings. 

Carpet Dry Cleaning

When it comes to caring for your carpet there are a number of methods that can be used to increase the cleanliness of the surface.  Our carpet dry cleaning services are designed to treat lightly soiled surfaces, and are a great way to remove the dirt and buildups that accumulate on a regular basis.  With this service being completed faster than more intensive cleans, clients have us perform their carpet dry cleaning when their carpet needs a refreshed look in a hurry. Getting rid of dirt and stains as well as attacking persistent odours, our cleanings are the perfect way to improve the look of your floor on a consistent basis. 


In selecting our carpet dry cleaning for your home or business, your carpets or rugs will be treated to first class service that is designed to be fast and effective.  Removing dirt and stains, carpets are returned to a refreshed look after being treated by our carpet cleaners.  This fast service is great as a part of your regular house or office cleaning routine, with the surface being able to be used in as soon as a few hours.  In addition, our process assures that there are no sticky residues at completion of the work, with our quality products and workmanship working efficiently to improve your spaces. 

Spot Treatments

We know that not all carpets and rugs experience equal wear and tear in all areas, which is why our spot cleaning treatments are perfect for removing signs of heavy use, spills or other accidents.  Custom treating the area to remove unwanted blemishes, our professionals use products that are specially designed to treat the surface in question.  Combining the right products with our extensive knowledge, your carpet can be stain free when you work with us.  With training in the best methods for addressing all kinds of stains and surfaces, you can rely on us to give your carpet the care that it deserves. 

Our Process

When you work with Carpet Cleaners Bendigo for your Carpet Dry Cleaning we are here to make sure that your carpet is properly treated from start to finish.  Using high quality materials in combination with professional equipment, our results are the best in the business.  From vacuuming to remove excess debris to using the proper dry solutions that break down dirt and stains, every step of the process is treated with the same level of diligent care for which we’re known.  Loosened dirt is then removed from the carpeted area, quickly returning the room to use with an improved overall appearance.