Carpet Steam Cleaning

If you have carpeting in your rooms, getting that carpeting properly cleaned is an important part of the regular maintenance of your property.  With our steam cleaning services from Carpet Cleaners Bendigo, we get your carpet cleaner than ever, removing stains and odours to create rooms that look and smell fresher.  Carpets are prone to collecting bits of microscopic dust and dirt that need more than vacuuming to be removed properly.  With our state of the art equipment, we get rid of these contaminants during our carpet and rug cleaning, helping to sanitise the room and while removing dust and allergens. 

Steam Cleaning

During our steam cleaning process, our professionals are here to give your carpets the care that they need to look and feel their best.  Our steam cleaning can be an eco-friendly process without the introduction of chemicals, performing a thorough deep carpet cleaning that makes your floors look like new.  We bring our professional equipment to your location, applying our years of experience to remove even the toughest odours and stains.  Using heat dispersing technology, we break down buildups of dirt on your surfaces, preparing them for a faster and smoother removal process that creates a cleaner and healthier home or working environment. 

Why Clean Your Carpets

While you may not notice your carpets collecting dirt over time, we recommend performing a deep carpet cleaning on an annual basis – if not more frequently for carpets that experience a lot of wear and tear.  In addition to removing odours and stains, our cleaning also provides a number of other benefits that improve the quality of your indoor environments.  Removing microscopic dirt, our cleaning process addresses dust and other small particles that can contribute to allergies, as well as reducing  the general dirt that circulates throughout the space.  In addition to cleaner surfaces, carpets will also be disinfected, creating a healthier environment for your property and the people on it. 

Rug Cleaning

In addition to carpet cleaning, our steam clean services can also be used for better rug cleaning throughout your home.  Our trained professionals come to your location with the proper equipment, getting rugs of all shapes and sizes cleaner without the need to transport them.  Whether it’s a highly trafficked area rug in your office, or a delicate rug that needs special care, we have the knowledge and tools to get it cleaned.  Using a steam cleaning process that is gentle enough for delicate materials but effective against even the toughest dirt, our cleaners help you get your home or office into a cleaner and healthier condition. .


At Carpet Cleaners Bendigo we have all the residential and commercial carpet cleaning services that you need to improve the quality of your indoor spaces.  Using high quality cleaners in combination with professional equipment, your space will be cleaner than ever after our treatment.  This deep carpet cleaning gets rid of caked on dirt, as well as hard to remove odours and dust and pollen that aggravates allergies.  As opposed to other methods of cleaning, our steam cleaning gets deep into the fibres of your carpets and rugs, removing stains from their roots.  Breaking up dirt for better removal, while sanitising areas for a healthier environment, our cleanings are the service you need to make your spaces more clean and comfortable.