Mattress Cleaning

Though you sleep on your mattress every night, people rarely think about its cleanliness on a regular basis.  When you’re ready to sleep on a mattress that looks and smells like new again, Carpet Cleaners Bendigo is here to help.  A dirty mattress is not only unappealing, but can create associated problems including buildups of dust mites, bacteria and odours.  With our services, we eliminate all of these problems returning your mattress back to a like new condition.  Using our years of expertise to remove stains, smells and general dirt – we help you sleep with an improved confidence in your mattress’s quality. 

Mattress Problems

For those who have had their mattress for a number of years, getting it cleaned properly not only improves its quality but can affect your health as well.  Our thorough cleanings are designed to get rid of the problems an old mattress presents, including stains caused by sweat and spills to the removal of micro particles of dust and other contaminants.  Through our process, you’ll see a reduction in dust mites and stains, while having a mattress that has been sanitised to remove bacteria and other germs.  Our cleanings are also perfect for families with children that have experienced toilet training accidents. 

Odour Removal

Another major benefit of our mattress cleanings is the odour removal that it provides.  Over time mattresses absorb natural human smells, sometimes leading to scents that don’t go away with regular laundering.  With our mattress steam cleaning we target these odours from their origins, rather than masking them with chemicals, helping your mattress smell like new again.  Using state of the art equipment in combination with the right cleaning products, we help you get a better night’s sleep while helping your room smell fresher and more rejuvenated.  And by targeting these problems at the base level, unwanted smells will stay away for longer. 

Professional Service

There a number of benefits that working with our mattress cleaners provides for the health and safety of your mattress.  Removing stains and odours not only helps the mattress feel like new but can improve your health with the removal of built up dust and debris that accumulates on mattresses.  This cleaner surface can even help with allergies and other conditions, making your bedroom a healthier environment.  In addition, thousands of mattresses go to waste every year that could easily be restored with proper cleaning.  By working with us your mattress will last longer, saving you costs and hassles of replacing it prematurely. 


When you hire our professionals from Carpet Cleaners Bendigo to clean your mattress, you’re working with one of the best cleaning companies in the business.  Combining our in-depth knowledge of mattress care with the right products and equipment, your mattress will look and smell cleaner, with our fast and reliable service.  Bringing the required tools to your location, our uniformed professionals complete your mattress cleaning in a matter of hours, helping you get a better night’s sleep.  After our work clients are able to better appreciate their beds, knowing that it has undergone our high quality cleaning services.