Residential Carpet Cleaning

Keeping up with your home maintenance can be a full time job, which is why our residential carpet cleaners are here to make your life easier.  Providing reliable, high quality services, our professional carpet cleaners help get rugs and carpets back to looking like new with our treatments.  Removing caked in stains and hard to eliminate odours, our team provides the thorough clean you need, without you having to put in the leg work.  We also provide bond cleanings that help you get your deposit back when you’ve rented a property.  With everything from steam cleaning carpets to tile and grout cleaning, you can count on us to get your home into a cleaner condition. 

Our Cleanings

As one of the best carpet cleaning services in the business we pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our work.  Using high quality products that are designed to be effective, yet gentle on delicate materials, your carpets will never be cleaner and smell fresher than after being cared for by our professionals.  Providing a consultation that lets you know which services will best benefit your home, our goal is to give clients throughout our area the cleaner carpets that they’ve envisioned.  Scheduling services at the times that are most convenient for you and your family, you can count on our carpet cleaners to act with your best interests in mind. 

Remove Stains and Odours

Most homeowners don’t have the time to dedicate to properly cleaning their carpets on a regular basis.  While vacuuming can help slow down signs of wear and tear, our steam cleanings and dry cleanings get into fibres of carpets and rugs eliminating contaminants of all types.  Whether you have areas that are worn down from daily use, or pet odours and stains that refuse to go away, we have the services that will help.  Using high products that eliminate odours rather than masking them, our treatments are designed to last.  Using equipment that breaks down dirt and stains for easier removal, we are here with the detailed carpet and rug cleaning that your home needs. .

Bond Cleaning

If you’ve rented a property, having it properly cleaned prior to departure is often a part of your leasing terms.  With our bond cleaning we provide the cleaning services that you need to ensure that your deposit is returned to you in full.  Our cleaners will examine the terms of your agreement, providing the services that you need from carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning and even cleaning tile and grout.  Applying the detail oriented services that we are known for, we inspect the required areas to ensure that there are no potential issues on your move out day. 

Tile and Grout Cleaning

As a full service professional carpet cleaning company, we are here to help your home in every way that we can, including providing tile and grout cleaning that can normally a labor intensive project.  Using our expertise with the right products and professional equipment, we get tiles shining like new, and bring your grout back to its original colour.  Our services target hard to clean crevices of your tiles, scrubbing the grout to remove engrained buildups of dirt.  After our cleanings your floors will shine like new, with a cleaner appearance that helps your home be more comfortable on a regular basis.